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6 Ways to Maximize Your Credit Union’s Website

The pandemic forced people to do more business virtually. Post-pandemic may have more physical doors opening, but “virtual branches” are still very actively used. Creating a website that caters to consumer needs may sound intimidating, but with the help of some useful tools, a refreshed website is just a few clicks away.

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To the Experience Age, and Beyond: Gratifying Members in a Digitally Dominated World

The Experience Age is here and is advancing rapidly. It’s where we currently are digitally and economically and affects the way we live and work, together and apart. These advancements in technology are also changing the way financial institutions are doing business, and what consumers are expecting from their institution of choice.

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Image of a tired woman, burned out staff managing product refunds

Managing Product Refunds without Burning Out Staff

The stakes are high for product refunds. It is no longer acceptable for financial institutions to not manage product refunds yet managing product refunds in-house brings its own set of challenges. This blog provides some tips to proactively manage the process without burning out internal staff. 

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Digital Transformation: It’s Time to Cook or Get Out of the Kitchen

Today, consumers have become fairly accustomed to managing their finances online in just minutes. Unless you are a Gen Zer or young Millennial, you may recall it taking an hour (give or take), round-trip, to accomplish the same tasks at your local branch.  While some may long for those days of face-to-face interactions, digital acceptance by your consumers, members, and even employees is a crucial step in the progression, longevity, and success of your institution.

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Card Not Present Fraud is Skyrocketing

Financial institutions across the country are experiencing the rise of fraud, particularly in the area of card fraud. As touchless payments and online transitions increase the type of card fraud is switching from primarily card-present fraud to card-not-present fraud.

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Steps to Build a Culture of Learning

Sign of the Times Blog Series (3 of 3) – Banking for the Ages

While generation’s expectations and behaviors continue to be shaped by the world and experiences indicative of their time, financial institutions find themselves working to accommodate the masses. From managing expectations to segmentation, and digital transformation, FIs need to maintain a spherical approach to success. 

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