With more than 35 years of experience serving the financial service industry, Allied uses our tremendous depth of knowledge to identify and address emerging issues affecting your organization. We know the issues and trends affecting your business, and we have the highly adaptable technologies and services to keep your organization a step ahead.


Solutions for Banks

Our dedicated teams will bring you flexible, tailored solutions including:

    • Insurance Tracking: Monitor insurance through a technology-driven program with EDI, insurance processing, and reports. Allied's proprietary tracking system Unitrac allows lenders to manage their portfolios online.
    • Lender Placed Insurance: Protect your portfolio with lender-placed hazard, wind, and flood insurance with timely and compliant mail, phone, text, email, and fax communications.
    • Escrow Servicing: This solution monitors escrow loans for hazard, flood, and wind insurance with payments made directly to carrier or agent based on qualifying factors. 
    • Mortgage Loan Default: Protect your home equity portfolio against borrower default (bankruptcy, divorce, job loss, death, etc.). This solution enables you to expand underwriting guidelines to increase loan volume for HELOCs, home improvement loans, and second mortgages while insuring your organization against losses.
    • Home Equity Participation Lending: Purchase a participation interest in a pool of super prime HELOCs to grow your loan portfolio with low credit risk and above average yields.
    • Tax Services: Our service is automated to eliminate your risk of tracking property taxes. Delinquency reporting is also available for your non-escrowed loans, so you can stay informed of any possible tax lien problems on your properties.
    • And More: We offer a full suite of products available to mitigate risk on auto and mortgage portfolios. This includes tracking for physical damage insurance, utilizing technology to help with collections and recoveries, and other risk management tools.


Strike the Right Balance

Today’s financial services industry is one of continuous change. Mobile and online technology has left many banks struggling to balance their digital footprint with their branch footprint. Banks must adapt to and adopt new technologies to reach their customers where they are and provide them with the convenient banking options they’ve come to expect.

Over the years, our consultative, entrepreneurial approach has inspired us to create numerous products and services aimed at helping banks do just that. Explore our expansive list of solutions focused on helping you grow your business by offering attractive products to stay up-to-date and competitive in the marketplace.


Focused on Compliance

At Allied Solutions, we understand the complexities involved with changing regulations and have processes in place to monitor and adapt changes as necessary:

  • Monitor compliance updates with in-house counsel
  • Partner with A-Rated insurance carriers
  • Coverage in all 50 states
  • Increased automation for efficient communication and notices
  • Automatic coverage endorsement available

We’re able to help reduce risk exposure and communicate with consumers via timely, compliant notices and inform our clients of necessary changes. 


Committed to Technology and Automation

Our solutions help your business decrease claim cycles and administrative workloads to save time, mitigate risk, and remain compliant. With a full suite of products we can help track insurance, manage claims, provide lending solutions, and communicate with your consumers. We have industry-leading technology in place through partner integrations and proprietary solutions. 


A Partner You Can Count On

As market conditions change, demographics shift and new regulatory measures arise, you can count on your Allied team to identify specific adjustments or new solutions to fortify your strategy. Our goal is to be the trusted partner you turn to in every business climate.