Strengthen your relationships with account holders, generate incremental revenue, and increase sales and cross-sales opportunities with our TAP Total Advantage Program®️. TAP Total Advantage Program®️ is a robust portfolio of insurance products focused primarily on accidental death and dismemberment, auto and homeowner insurance, and term life insurance.

We also offer additional products to complement TAP Total Advantage Program®️ including home warranty, hospital accident protection and recuperative care insurance to assist you with building a comprehensive, customized direct marketing program.

Not a One-Size-Fits-All Kind of Program

Every financial institution and every consumer is different. They have different goals and concerns and needs. We created TAP Total Advantage Program®️ with this in mind. We can help your organization build your own customized protection program from a variety of coverages vetted by us and offered by the industry's leading providers. With TAP Total Advantage Program®️, you gain the opportunity to offer complete assurance to your account holders.

The many advantages of TAP Total Advantage Program®️ include:

    • Due diligence on all vendors and products

    • Competitive pricing made possible by the size and strength of Allied Solutions

    • Through superior marketing results, revenue can increase by 20% to 50% in quarterly premiums over 2-3 years

    • Dedicated account management team to ensure your goals and objectives are consistently maintained

    • Strengthened account holder loyalty by offering more financial solutions for their needs


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