With 96% of smartphone users using text and a 90% open rate in three minutes or less, texting has become the preferred method of communication in the U.S.* Allied offers a solution to help your financial institution take advantage of this powerful method of connecting with your consumers. 

We can provide a unique, mobile marketing solution that combines expertise in text marketing best practices, industry compliance and implementation strategies to help you custom build personalized, direct-to-consumer campaigns for the various products and services you offer.


Improve Collections and Reduce Delinquency

From payment reminders to completing a transaction, our suite of text-based services can easily compliment your business model. With text-based billing reminders, collection statements, and mobile-enabled payment systems, you can dramatically improve on-time payments and reduce collection costs.


*”45 Texting Statistics That Prove Businesses Need to Take SMS Seriously.” OneReach. OneReach, 10 Sept. 2015. Web. 10 Apr. 2017.

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