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Account Revenue Solutions: Digital Engagement

Re-engage inactive account holders and start growing revenue from increased fee income, increased interchange, and reduced attrition.

  • Analyze transactional data to create highly targeted offers to specific account holders focused on improving and sustaining usage.
  • Built-in, comprehensive reporting package allows you to measure successes in detail, to see how well it is working to convert inactive, unprofitable accounts into revenue producing accounts and adjust according to your business goals. 

Checking Account Referrals: Digital Acquisition

Streamline and simplify the referral process with reporting features and ongoing training focused on account growth and relationships.

  • Studies show that referred accounts maintain higher balances, they stay longer, and have a higher lifetime value. 
  • With our checking account referral solution, financial institutions see an average of 30% of their openings coming from the referral program - offering both referred and referring consumers points towards rewards when new accounts are opened. 


Loyalty Rewards: Digital Debit Rewards

Offering premium rewards benefits drives consumer loyalty and generates an entirely new stream of non-interest revenue while boosting transactional activity and account usage.  

  • This solution offers consumers a variety of card-level benefits and services embedded into their premium debit cards.  
  • Offer your consumers enticing bonus rewards, cash back and roadside assistance, as well as short-term loans and other exclusive perks.

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