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ID Theft Protection

  • Credit Unions
  • Banks
  • Finance Companies
  • Auto Dealers
  • Utilities

We have partnered with top data breach planning and recovery experts to offer some of the most comprehensive identity fraud mitigation and recovery programs available. Our services help protect your organization and your account holders from identity theft - one of the most sophisticated crimes of our time. We offer solutions for both consumer accounts and commercial consumers. Founders Federal Credit Union Case Study

We will work with you to build custom marketing campaigns for these programs, so your consumers understand the value you place in protecting them from these vicious attacks.

These programs include:

  • 24/7 identity theft and fraud detection, prevention and response services for your organization
  • Proactive identity management services, like credit bureau and social security monitoring
  • Comprehensive identity theft detection, education and resolution services for your account holders

An Added Benefit for Your Employees

This program can also be added to your employee benefits package to help you attract and retain your team members.


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