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Fidelity Bond

  • Credit Unions
  • Banks
  • Finance Companies
  • Auto Dealers
  • Utilities


For nearly 20 years, Allied Solutions has been selling and underwriting bond solutions to keep our clients better protected from unexpected risks. Our longevity in this specialized marketplace, and the high level of know-how provided by our expert staff has enabled us to save our clients millions of dollars in insurance premiums. Founders Federal Credit Union Case Study

Our customized and competitively priced bond policies enable you to choose from over 30 insuring agreements or coverage options that address criminal acts perpetrated against your credit union. These policies help to protect your organization from the financial burden and reputational damage that could arise from such criminal acts as burglary, fraud and forgery.

Take Advantage of Our Expert Training and Education

Our bond program comes with free risk education and training services, so your organization can be better prepared to address these sorts of issues. The risk services include on-site risk reviews, on-site training, bondability searches, expert-written risk alert emails, risk training videos and risk webinars.

Allied Ranks as NAFCU Services' Preferred Partner for Fidelity Bond Insurance:

Year after year, Allied has been awarded the title of NAFCU Services' Preferred Partner for Fidelity Bond Insurance. Visit NAFCU's website to learn more about this highly coveted achievement.

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