Whether you have excess liquidity today or if you are strategically planning for tomorrow, our loan purchase programs offer many benefits that help you effectively balance your portfolio. Grow deposits and liquidity, while managing risk with loan diversification solutions that offer varied benefits such as:

    • Strong Net Yield Returns

    • Default Protection

    • Early Payoff Premium Return Guarantee

    • Fully Serviced

    • Recent Vintage Loans

    • Strong Underwriting Guidelines

Whole Loan Program: Enhance revenue by acquiring high-yielding second-lien loans with built in default insurance. Organic loan growth is falling, but second-lien loans remain strong. Diversify your portfolio and mitigate risk.

Home Equity Participation Lending:  Purchase or participate in a pool of super prime home equity lines of credit to grow your loan portfolio with low credit risk and above- average yields.

Unsecured Personal Lending, Unsecured Installment Card: Generate loan volume through various digital and physical channels with a customized buy box. Generate deposits with a loan-for-deposit sweep program with brokered deposits and using those deposits to buy unsecured loans. 

Home Improvement: Access loan participations through national contractors that are working with prime homeowners on improvements to their homes with risk mitigation through geographic diversification, along with insurance backstop.

Student Lending: Attract and develop lasting relationships with millennials and their families looking to reduce college debt. With participation nationwide, you can generate revenue and diversify your portfolio.

Loan Transaction Platform: Buy and sell loan participations with a platform that specializes in one-time sales and recurring flow programs for all assets. 

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