Simplify your account opening process and see results like these:

  • 60% improvement in conversion rates
  • 100% of accounts funded upon opening
  • 30% reduction in account opening time 

An image noting problems and solutions around this product. Problems include as long as 10 minutes to open an account, operations not being in real time, no KYC or AML automation, and low net conversions. Solutions to these problems are accounts opening in as little as 2 minutes and 37 seconds for new customers, real-time core integration, 92% KYC and/or AML automation, and 3.8x increase in net conversions.


Reimagine account opening to improve operational efficiency, agility, and consumer satisfaction.

Transformative Results

  • Onboard new accounts in 3 minutes or less
  • 4X more applications submitted
  • Average initial checking account deposit funded is $5k

Real-Time Integration

  • Seamless integration with all major core systems
  • 100% automation (no batch processing)

Digital Account Opening

  • Connect with consumers anytime anywhere
  • Automate more than 90% of all applications
  • Leverage data and analytics to make informed decisions

Ease of Implementation

  • Go live in record time
  • Quick and easy implementation

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