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Data Breach Protection

  • Credit Unions
  • Banks
  • Finance Companies
  • Auto Dealers
  • Utilities

As the threat of data breaches continues to grow, it's not a matter of IF your organization will suffer a data breach, but WHEN. Having a trusted partner to prepare you and guide you through the remediation process is a necessity in today's industry. Founders Federal Credit Union Case Study

Our data breach protection program will provide you with:

  • Internal data breach response planning

  • Education and counseling

  • Communication plans and templates

  • Recovery and response services

  • Access to a forensic investigation team

  • ID theft coverage for your board members and employees, and their family members


Don't be one of the many businesses that are unequipped to respond to the growing threat of data breaches. Protect your organization from the devastating effects of these attacks, so you don't have to worry about 'what if'.

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