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Balance Sheet Management

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Balance Sheet Management

Successful financial institutions opt for a flexible balance sheet strategy. Those who can stay fluid will have greater opportunity to diversify their income streams and overcome economic headwinds in today’s uncertain global economy.


CHECK PROGRAM CONSULTING: Improve check program profitability by dramatically reducing costs.

EXECUTIVE BENEFITS: Recruitment and retention tool is coupled with liquidity investment yield opportunities through institution-owned life insurance.

PARTICIPATION LOANS: Diversify your portfolio to minimize risk, and maximize profitability; our loan participation asset classes include: HELOC, Home Improvement, Student Loan Refi’s, and Solar Loans.

WHOLE LOANS: Continue to diversify your portfolio while managing risk and maximizing net yield potential; our Whole Loan Purchase asset classes include: Closed-end 2nd lien loans, Home Improvement 2nd lien loans, Unsecured Credit Card loans, and Unsecured Personal loans.

EMPLOYEE TAX CREDIT: Obtain your government tax credit provided by the CARES Act with Allied’s streamlined service.



AI CREDIT DECISIONING: Leverage alternative data combined with unique AI algorithms to make instant loan decisions, with less risk.

AI VIRTUAL ASSISTANT: Platform provides 24/7 instant call support, improves customer experience, and increases revenue.

AMPLIFY DIRECT®: Complimentary direct to consumer marketing program designed to delight consumers while strategically capturing missed opportunities and earning your financial institution non-interest income.

DIGITAL LENDING PLATFORM: Enhanced small business and commercial digital lending solution that reduces time and streamlines operational processes to minimize costs and maximize approval rates and profitability.

FINANCIAL OFFER SYSTEM: Customizable platform that delivers instant, self-serve financial offers to consumers, focused on acquiring, growing, and retaining business (previously known as Rate Reset).

LOAN PORTFOLIO ANALYTICS PLATFORM: Strategic planning solution with predictive analytics of the market and optimizes product, pricing, and portfolio performance.

PREVENTATIVE FRAUD SYSTEM: Real-time fraud prevention and reporting solution utilizes AI and machine learning to monitor and secure all transactional data and reduce charge-offs.

TEXT SOLUTIONS: Utilize compliant text software and strategy solutions that allow financial institutions to communicate effectively with your consumers to maximize revenue.

VIDEO MARKETING PLATFORM: Unleashes video’s true potential by making agile video creation simple for your team and scalable for your organization. Create video in hours – not weeks or months.


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