Regulatory issues continue to evolve in the appraisal and mortgage arena, causing headaches for many financial institutions. The Appraisal Firewall solution is a routing and communication tool that empowers your lending institution to work efficiently and confidently with your chosen appraisers providing a valuable service to your borrowers while maintaining home valuation code of conduct (HVCC) compliance.

Our secure, online appraisal technology tool can work with major LOSs, sending UAD-compliant appraisals to Fannie Mae’s Uniform Collateral Data Portal® (UCDP®) on behalf of your institution to help you stay compliant and keep your established relationships with appraisers. You may choose to continue working with your appraiser panels, or you can choose from our network of over 15,000 appraisers if service outside of your current appraisers' footprint is needed.

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