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MBP Post-Close Solution

Keep your members informed and protected by leveraging our scalable Amplify Direct service that offers your Mechanical Breakdown Protection product directly to your members post-close. Our service looks at each member individually and only communicates with them when they would have the highest level of interest and the highest propensity to respond.

Amplify Direct


Earn additional non-interest income

  • Secure renewals of expiring MBP contracts
  • Capture missed opportunities by targeting existing auto loans
  • Streamlined quoting and sales platform

Turnkey solution

  • Ensure that member’s asset stays protected
  • Our Consulting Center handles all marketing, sales, and post-sale member support
  • All calls are recorded for training purposes and partner assurance

Timely communication with members

  • Communications are timely and customized to where the member is at in their vehicle ownership cycle
  • Strategic communication to capture members who aren't financed at your Institution
  • Drive Engagement with product education

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