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June 22, 2021 Claim Bulletin: Tropical Storm Claudette

Please put ‘Tropical Storm Claudette' in comments section of claim filing form on the portal for expedited servicing.

Steps to Submit a Claim: 

Vehicle Physical Damage Claims and GAP Claims

  • Directly call 800-998-0641
  • Submit vehicle claim form OR GAP claim form by email to CAT Claims
  • Submit vehicle claim form OR GAP claim form online via CenterPoint

Find claim forms on CenterPoint or email for submission


Mortgage / Real Estate Property Claims

  • Directly call 800-998-0641
  • Submit mortgage claim form by email to CAT Claims

Find claim forms on CenterPoint or email for submission


Important Information for RepoPlus Claims

Operations and recoveries will continue, however we may experience significant wait times in reporting losses to insurance carriers due to the number of consumers affected.

  • IMPORTANT: Notify your Allied Solutions representative of any changes with your repossession processes during this storm. With regard to any changes that you may have made to your existing repossession/remarketing process, please note the following:
    • For vehicles that are being transported to IAA or Copart, we ask that you email your Allied representative to indicate that you authorize Allied to receive condition reports and/or allow Allied to physically inspect these vehicles if necessary. (If your normal process already involves directing vehicles to these salvage auctions, no action is necessary at this time).


Additional Allied Support

Your Allied representative or National Account Manager will be able to provide you with exposure lists from our tracking system of borrowers who have addresses in the most affected areas.

We are here to deliver for you.


When natural disaster strikes, the team at Allied Solutions is here to provide service to all affected borrowers. It is our intent to provide you with a streamlined and supportive claim response to all losses associated with the damage from these events.

  • Dedicated CAT Team and Call Center: Allied Solutions has a dedicated claim catastrophe team (CAT) and CAT claim center with servicing hours from 7am to 6pm CST.
  • Claim Processing Measures: We commit to processing each claim with minimal requests for necessary documents since many of our clients will be working in temporary locations with limited computer and document access. We also understand that certain collateral is simply no longer in the possession of borrowers, due to severe weather. We will accept this as proof of loss.
  • Real Estate Property Loss: Our carriers have catastrophe teams available to handle claims to covered properties. Due to a lack of capacity to accept non licensed adjusters to the area, we may ask clients to file claims on all exposed real estate with CPI hazard or flood policies in force where damage could exist.
  • Repossession Management: We can handle the process of valuation, negotiation and settlement including ensuring product cancellation and pursuing GAP as needed on the collateral. Please contact your Allied Solutions representative and we can assist you as necessary.


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