Allied is committed to protecting your data.

Security Design

We develop, operationalize, and monitor numerous security controls to protect your data, including: data protection (at-rest and in-transit) and a comprehensive vulnerability management program. We use threat modeling, risk management frameworks, and other tools to design products securely from inception.

Security Operations

Our talented team of analysts and their security tools collect and analyze millions of security events each day. Allied’s comprehensive controls frameworks, playbooks, and incident response preparedness activities ensure that threats are prevented, detected, triaged, and responded to.

Network Security Testing

Allied’s robust vulnerability management program ensures that we are delivering trust in our technology. We regularly conduct rigorous security testing, including: penetration testing, code scanning, and vulnerability assessments. Testing ensures our technology platforms provide our consumers with the trust they expect from Allied Solutions.

Security Investment

Allied invests heavily in state-of-the-art technology, staff, and outside services to support our security program. Our full-time security staff has increased 200% since 2017, and our capital investment in 2020 will eclipse USD 2.2 million.


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Allied's compliance program validates that we do the things we say we do.

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Allied is committed to protecting your consumers' privacy.

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Allied's services are delivered with technology built for high performance and availability.

Responsible Disclosure Program

Allied Solutions, LLC is committed to maintaining the security of our systems and our customers’ information.

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Allied is committed to protecting your data.

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