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Portfolio Analytics for CECL

  • Credit Unions
  • Banks
  • Finance Companies
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Make CECL an Investment, Not a Cost

The clock is ticking down to the go-live date for CECL, scheduled for January 2023. But that doesn’t mean you should rush into a solution that isn’t the right investment for your financial institution. There’s still time to implement a strategic data analytics solution that not only ensures you’re auditor-ready, but also fuels profitable growth now and into the future.

With Portfolio Analytics by Deep Future Analytics, you get a solution designed to grow with you.

With Allied's investment in Portfolio Analytics by Deep Future Analytics, you receive an integrated data analytics engine that helps you plan for the road ahead.

  • Receive integrated economic scenarios that are already built into the solution and ready to use.
  • Access actionable account-level insights that help you plan for the future.
  • Use the same CECL models included in this solution tos olve for pricing, member targeting and profitability, and LP valuation.


Protect your organization by unlocking the data and insights needed to fuel strategic growth, manage risk, and plan confidently for the future.

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 About Allied Solutions

Allied Solutions, LLC is one of the largest providers of insurance, lending, and marketing products to financial institutions in the US. Allied Solutions uses technology-based products and services customized to meet the needs of 4,000 financial institutions, along with a portfolio of innovative products and services from a wide variety of providers. Allied Solutions maintains over 10 regional offices and service centers around the country and is a subsidiary of Securian Financial Group, Inc.


About Deep Future Analytics

DFA delivers a next generation “smart phone approach” to analytics software with apps that work together to solve problems such as quantifying pricing, profitability, risk, reserves, loan participation, M&A scenarios, economic modeling, and compliance issues like CECL. Their world class software and service solutions help you quantify and interact with how the future may play out so you can plan to succeed in any environment. True machine learning models come loaded into our software so you can start benefitting from best-in-class analytics right away.


Our Data Experts

Joseph Breeden, PhD

CEO, Deep Future Analytics
President, Model Risk Managers International Association

Dr. Breeden has been designing and deploying risk management systems for loan portfolios since 1996. He founded Strategic Analytics a leading provider of credit risk and capital management solutions sold to Verisk in 2010 and founded Prescient Models in 2011, which focuses on portfolio and loan-level forecasting solutions for pricing, account management, CCAR, and CECL. He co-founded Deep Future Analytics in 2013 as a CUSO to bring solutions to credit unions and community banks. 

He is member of the board of directors of Upgrade, a San Francisco-based FinTech, an Associate Editor for the Journal of Risk Model Validation and for the Journal of Credit Risk., and a founding board member and President of the Model Risk Managers’ International Association (mrmia.org).

Dr. Breeden started his career at a thinktank created by Citibank in Los Alamos, New Mexico focused on analyzing and forecasting economic and financial crises across the globe.  He has created models through the 1995 Mexican Peso Crisis, the 1997 Asian Economic Crisis, the 2001 Global Recession, the 2003 Hong Kong SARS Recession, and the 2007-2009 US Mortgage Crisis and Global Financial Crisis. These crises have provided Dr. Breeden with a rare perspective on crisis management, pricing for risk and the analytics needs of executives for strategic decision-making.

He has published over 50 academic articles, 6 patents, and the second edition of his book Reinventing Retail Lending Analytics: Forecasting, Stress Testing, Capital, and Scoring for a World of Crises was published by Riskbooks in 2014. His new books, Living with CECL: Mortgage Modeling Alternatives and Living with CECL: The Modeling Dictionary were published in 2018.

Dr. Breeden received separate BS degrees in mathematics and physics in 1987 from Indiana University. He earned a Ph.D. in physics in 1991 from the University of Illinois studying real-world applications of chaos theory and machine learning. Joe and his wife live in Santa Fe, New Mexico and he is also the owner of auctionforecast.com, which predicts the values of fine wines using a proprietary database with over 2 million auction prices.


Michael Bryan

Vice President, Digital and Data Strategy, Allied Solutions

Michael leverages his 20+ years of experience in digital business leadership, innovation, and entrepreneurship to help companies realize winning business results with digital technology to expand their value proposition, enter new markets, or drive business process and customer experience optimization.

With experience in start-up, turnaround, accelerated growth, and public environments, he has completed 6 M&A transactions, launched 5 business units, 120+ partnerships, and 13 technology platforms including the 2005 HR Product of the Year.  He has held roles of General Manager, COO, and Vice President in the consumer products, digital media, professional services, software, logistics, and finance industries.

At Allied, Michael leads digital and data R&D, innovation, and technology M&A to support revenue expansion in existing lines of business and develop new business models.

He has been an event speaker and published author in the Human Resources, Non-Profit Association, and Funeral Service industries.  In his short time in the Finance industry he has been a speaker at the AXFI conference (Analytics and Financial Innovation), Best Innovation Group Podcast, CU Broadcast and published in CU Today, Credit Union Times, and Pennsylvania Banker. 

Michael earned a BS in Marketing and Distribution and MBA in Strategy and Technology from Indiana University's Kelley School of Business.  He is a member of the Indiana State Chamber Innovation and Tech Policy Committee and Indy CIO Network and resides in Fishers, Indiana.


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