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This powerful sales and service performance solution helps your financial institution make dramatic improvements to your bottom line by building stronger account holder relationships and loyalty, and by developing confident, competent and engaged employees that are motivated to achieve sustainable sales results.

Tracking sales and performance can be very challenging, but it's essential if you want to make informed decisions and achieve your organization's program goals. Our automated system provides you with simplified methods of managing account holder information and monitoring employee activity. This information can help you understand how your employees are performing against your goals, so you effectively coach and reward them for growth and results. 

Our goal is to assist with growing your business by providing the following sales and performance management tools:

  • Sales and goal tracking

  • Scorecard progress tracking

  • Referral tracking and management

  • Automated link to performance appraisals

  • Incentive design, calculation, and management

  • Member-specific promotion/marketing system

  • Consumer relationship platform (CRM)

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