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CECL Comply by DFA

  • Credit Unions
  • Banks
  • Finance Companies
  • Auto Dealers
  • Utilities

Compliance is the Minimum. Invest in a Solution Designed for Growth.


As the deadline to implement CECL gets closer and closer, we're seeing many financial institutions turning to basic CECL solutions to meet requirements. The problem with that approach is that you're paying for a solution that just checks a box. Financial institutions that are investing in scalable data solutions are protecting their institutions by accessing the data they need to fuel strategic growth, manage risk, and plan confidently for the future.

Compliance, Covered

We've got CECL reporting requirements covered, so you can get back to focusing on long term growth strategies.


A Solution that Grows with You

With CECL behind you, we'll work with you to scale this into a data solution that informs diversification and expansion using economic scenarios and stress-testing.


Trusted and Proven

Powered by the industry leader in integrated modeling, Deep Future Analytics is unmatched in the industry and has been validated across the globe.


Easy Implementation

CECL Comply is a fast time-to-value solution that produces reliable world class models you can trust. Because CECL Comply leverages DFA's $2.7 trillion shared data pool, you have the option of providing your own lifetime estimates or incorporating estimates from the data pool. Even better, this solution is based on your call report data, so you don't have to send us data.


Here’s How it Works

CECL Comply uses industry best economic scenarios, public call report data, and the Weighted-Average Remaining Maturity (WARM) methodology to calculate CECL and deliver reports via Excel quarterly. The first report will be delivered within one (1) week. Each quarterly report will be delivered within two (2) weeks after the NCUA updates are published. Ongoing training and support by the DFA team are available as needed.



Thanks to Allied's investment in DFA, we're excited to offer this world-class solution for an affordable price.

Add on the P&L Stress Testing Annual License for just $1,500

*Includes implementation, ongoing management of CECL models, and reporting outputs

Contact Us today to learn how to get started with CECL Comply.




About Deep Future Analytics

DFA delivers a next generation “smart phone approach” to analytics software with apps that work together to solve problems such as quantifying pricing, profitability, risk, reserves, loan participation, M&A scenarios, economic modeling, and compliance issues like CECL. Their world class software and service solutions help you quantify and interact with how the future may play out so you can plan to succeed in any environment. True machine learning models come loaded into our software so you can start benefitting from best-in-class analytics right away.

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