Animated Video Solutions

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  • Finance Companies
  • Auto Dealers
  • Utilities

Video Performs. Reach your consumers anytime, anywhere with relevant video content. 




Motion Graphics are branded videos to build digital brand awareness and target consumers with additional promotions. Videos are focused on building consumer relationships and providing cross-selling opportunities. 



A personalized SmartVideo increases consumer engagement, lead capture results, and brand loyalty. SmartVideo engages with consumers across their product or service lifecycle and are delivered in real-time via email, text, or web.



Explainer videos contain bite-sized content that educate consumers on your products and services. High levels of animation engage consumers through the length of the video and beyond.



Unleash the true power of video with SundaySky Video Platform, which simplifies video production, distribution, and optimization at scale. This user-friendly tool enables quicker and simpler video production with thoughtful and engaging content templates--meaning you don't need any previous video experience to create high quality, dynamic videos.



SmartVideo for Insurance Verification

Many Collational Protection Insurance (CPI) clients are eligible to upgrade their existing program with SmartVideo. SmartVideo insurance verification delivers videos sent by email to consumers as helpful reminders to provide proof of insurance. Digital reminders enhance the borrower experience and reduce notices and call center volume. 

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