Risk Checklist: Consumer Education for Detecting and Preventing Identity Theft

We know that consumers need to exercise good online security habits to minimize the risk and impact of identity fraud, but many of them seem to be unaware of the actions they can take to prevent fraud exposure. 

In fact, a majority of the surveyed respondents from Javlein's 2018 Identity Fraud Studyi indicated that they believe:

1. Financial institutions are doing little to protect them from fraud. 
2. There is little they can do to protect against identity fraud attacks. 
Because of these widely-held perceptions, financial institutions' reputations and attrition are at risk. 

Download "Risk Checklist: Consumer Education for Detecting and Preventing Identity Theft" to share fraud preventative measures with your consumers so they know how to more effectively protect themselves (and your financial institution!) from identity theft and fraud. 

“2018 Identity Fraud: Fraud Enters a New Era of Complexity.” Javelin, 6 Feb. 2018, www.javelinstrategy.com/coverage-area/2018-identity-fraud-fraud-enters-new-era-complexity.

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