Exponential Fraud Exposure: Reg II Awareness

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On this webinar we explore the impact of Reg II on card not present fraud. We’ll hear from Ann Davidson, VP of Risk Consulting, at Allied Solutions and a first-hand account of the implications attached to this regulation from Tracie Wilcox, President and CEO of On Tap Credit Union.


We will examine how the rushed timeline, with an effective date of July 1, 2023, will likely create unintentional negative consequences for consumers and credit unions as they’re forced to reprioritize their focus on transactions monitoring over other consumer-oriented and security-focused improvements. This webinar will provide valuable insights into the challenges and potential solutions for navigating the updates to this regulation.




Presenter Presenter
Ann Davidson Tracie Wilcox
VP of Risk Consulting 
at Allied Solutions
President and CEO,
On Tap Credit Union



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