Rising Repossessions and the Impact of Insurance Monitoring

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Maximize your bottom line and increase recoveries on damaged repossession claims through a compliant insurance monitoring program. Discover the latest tools and techniques for tracking and managing repossessions and learn how tracking can help minimize losses and maximize returns.


Key takeaways attendees can expect from the webinar:

  • Regulatory influences, including CFPB guidance on ‘wrongful repossessions’ and continued industry litigation 
  • The significance of insurance tracking on recoveries 
  • Mitigating risk and repossession Best Practices 
  • Benefits such as lower deficiency balances with increased recoveries, alleviating operational costs, and experienced Allied lienholder claim professionals



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 An image of Tina Love, Senior VP of Claims and Recovery  Picture of Scott Myers, Claims Director
Tina Love Scott Myers

Senior VP,
Claims and Recovery




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