Video-Powered Communication: Why Video Needs To Be Part of Your 2023 Growth Strategy

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According to Forbes, only 10% of a message is retained when read versus 95% when watched. In a digitally demanding and experience-driven world, video has risen to the top as the most popular communication medium. We use it to learn, educate, train, promote, and most importantly -- engage. But, very few financial institutions are incorporating video in their 2023 strategy. 


Why is that?


Historically, video usage has been labeled as too hard, too resource intensive, too expensive, too quickly obsolete…
But, not anymore! There are some new solutions in the marketplace that are making video accessible to everyone and financial Institutions are scaling use of video across their enterprise in weeks. Equipped with these new tools financial institutions of all sizes are able to build, maintain, measure, and deploy video content in minutes rather than months and for a fraction of the price required to keep an agency on retainer.
During this webinar, we’ll introduce Allied Solutions’ partnership with SundaySky -- the leading platform for personalized video creation. 


Key takeaways attendees can expect from the webinar:

  • Industry insights on using video and consumer demands
  • Understanding of the SundaySky Video Platform capabilities
  • How to use video the drive ROI across the enterprise
  • Hear from current SundaySky clients on their experience with the platform and use cases moving the needle 



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