Strategic Planning during Uncertain Times: Unlock key insights using predictive forecasting

  Strategic Planning During Uncertain Times. Watch Now.  

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The key to success will be creating future scenarios, quantifying your options, and connecting it to your strategic planning and management process. There are many opportunities in uncertain times and the savvy organizations who understand and grab ahold of them will ensure long-term success.


Watch this webinar to learn how predictive analytics can help answer critical questions for strategic planning:

  • What will the future economy look like and how can I integrate economic forecasting into business planning?
  • How do I expand lending, revenue, and my business model while managing risk?
  • How do I prepare for the future and align my team around the same forecasts?


Presenter Presenter
  Joseph Breeden, PhD, CEO of Deep Future Analytics
Mike Bryan Joseph Breeden
VP, Digital and Data Strategy     PhD, CEO, Deep Future Analytics

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