Analytics Reimagined Series: Managing Risk and Compliance in Volatile Times



In these turbulent times, you’re playing both offense and defense to manage Market, Credit, and Liquidity risk while meeting Governmental and Regulatory requirements. In 2022, this includes impacts from rapidly changing interest rates, dramatic world events, and emerging climate change regulation.


The right risk management solution can help you make smarter business decisions amidst a volatile environment and compliance helps you score and confirm how effectively you’re managing that risk.


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Hear from industry experts:

  • Liming Brotcke, PhD, Director of Model Risk, Ally Bank
  • Thomas Dahlin, Director of Model Risk Management at Centennial Bank
  • Joseph Breeden, PhD, Founder and CEO of Deep Future Analytics

They’ll discuss: 

  • The hidden risks most solutions aren’t addressing
  • How to turn your risk management and compliance initiatives into a strategic advantage
  • The current regulatory landscape and how to prepare for more stringent audit requirements  


Let's unlock the one true integrated and strategic view of your business.

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