Artificial Intelligence for Financial Institution Call Centers


How Auto Finance Companies Automate Revenue and Reduce Expenses

Since the pandemic, financial institutions of all kinds are observing a sustained increase in call volumes, significant abandonment rates, increased call wait times, issues with hiring for customer support roles, and increased instances of fraud.

Our partner,, has introduced an AI-powered Virtual Assistant to solve these challenges through intelligent self-service which is shown to improve customer experience.


With this solution FIs can:

  • Provide instant responses to customers 24/7 
  • Automate over 60% of calls within 60 days 
  • Ensure zero call wait times and abandonment rates 
  • Offer human-like experiences while avoiding dropped calls 
  • Enhance security with instant FFIEC compliance


This solution has a quick, significant ROI and will evolve your business well into the future.

Watch the recorded Cherokee Media Group Webinar featuring here:



Srinivas Njay, CEO and Founder,

Srinivas has spent over a decade on AI research during his master's degree and work at Microsoft. He has led digital strategy for a financial institution, enabling it to scale it from scratch to several billion in assets. These unique experiences inspired him to start with a mission to help every financial institution on the planet efficiently scale and help their customers achieve financial wellness using AI. 


Charlie Peterson, SVP Strategic Initiatives, Allied Solutions 

In his current role, Charlie is helping lenders nationwide successfully execute their visions and plans for growth. With over 33 years of diverse experience in the financial services industry, he has supported over 1000 clients in nineteen states providing 'best in class' insurance, income, loss mitigation and technology efficiencies to the marketplace.  



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