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If your reporting and forecasting is siloed within different platforms, you’re spending significant staff time and resources trying to make sense of vastly different numbers—and your efforts might just leave you more confused than when you started if different reports point to conflicting answers. 

And with so much uncertainty in the economy, it’s becoming increasingly important to have the right data to stay ahead of the competition and keep up with evolving borrower trends. This means understanding who your most profitable consumers will be (not only now but into the future), what product offerings make sense based on their needs, and how to price correctly under different scenarios.

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Meet our Panel

Mark Bugalski, Senior Vice President, Allied Solutions (Moderator)

Mark is an Allied Solutions Senior Vice President working with financial institutions to help maximize revenue and mitigate risk through consultative business solutions, strategies, innovative ideas, insights, and best practices. With more than 30 years in the industry, his disciplines include strategic planning, business development, budgeting, forecasting, and team building, producing a demonstrated history of year over year business line growth and proven results.


Joseph Breeden, PhD, CEO, Deep Future Analytics

Dr. Breeden has been designing and deploying risk management systems for loan portfolios since 1996. He founded Strategic Analytics a leading provider of credit risk and capital management solutions sold to Verisk in 2010 and founded Prescient Models in 2011, which focuses on portfolio and loan-level forecasting solutions for pricing, account management, CCAR, and CECL. He co-founded Deep Future Analytics in 2013 as a CUSO to bring solutions to credit unions and community banks. 


Mike Bryan, Vice President of Digital and Data Strategy, Allied Solutions

Michael leverages his 20+ years of experience in digital business leadership, innovation, and entrepreneurship to help companies realize winning business results with digital technology to expand their value proposition, enter new markets, or drive business process and customer experience optimization.


Jack Imes, Lending Strategies Sales Specialist, Allied Solutions

Jack has years of executive lending experience with both credit unions and banks. Recently, he served as the Chief Lending Officer at JSC FCU, a $2.65B credit union. Previously, he was the CLO at Honda FCU and the VP of Commercial Lending at US Bank, among other top lending roles spanning over two decades. At Allied, Jack brings his credit union and bank experience to serve as a consultant and advisor to our clients and sales team. 


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