Rising Above All the "Data Noise" to Create an Actionable, Strategic Plan


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It can feel like a game of “buzzword Bingo” and a bit overwhelming as a strategic leader to make sense of all the noise and terminology being thrown at you; business intelligence, machine, learning, artificial intelligence, and BIG DATA… Everyone says they have the secret sauce, but do they?  Where should you focus and invest your resources to be in position for the next 3-5 years to not just survive but thrive?

In this session, speakers Joe Breeden, CEO of Deep Future Analytics and Michael Bryan, Vice President of Digital and Data Strategy at Allied Solutions, zoom out to the big picture of where things are going, boil all the data buzzwords down into real world language, and then zoom in on 3-5 practical use cases you can leverage to build a strategy that aligns data analytics with profitability.

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