Road to Recovery Webinar Series

Road to Recovery Webinar Series 

The road to recovery starts with your consumers. Your community  is counting on your support to help manage ongoing economic and financial challenges as we continue to feel the effects of COVID-19. Allied Solutions is working hard to be a partner that ensures you have services and solutions available to serve your consumers now and in the future.


Allied Solutions hosted a three-day webinar series event November 9-11.


Day 1: Mitigating Economic Downturn with Balance Sheet Flexibility

It’s essential to think ahead about how ongoing business challenges can be solved in this new environment established by the pandemic. Notably, there's an increased need for flexibility for both consumers and financial institutions. Economic uncertainty has created a challenge for financial institutions to manage liquidity, improve digital enhancements, and adapt other service needs to help survive and thrive in a rapidly changing environment. 


In this session, we're discussing alternative revenue-generating options available to financial institutions to help prepare for the future and manage ongoing uncertainty across our industry with diversification strategies and point-of-sale solutions to supplement and enhance revenue.


In this webinar, you can expect to learn about: 

  • Current state of the industry and ongoing challenges
  • Emerging need for alternate revenue investments
  • Consumer and lender flexibility expectations
  • Diversification strategies to supplement and enhance revenue
  • Solutions to adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing environment


Day 2: Leveraging Digital Lending Tools in a Socially Distanced Era

The pandemic continues to be challenging with many financial institutions rapidly adapting to meet consumer needs. With record-low interest rates, financial institutions are managing decreased yield and increased loan originations while also facing increased refinancing demand. Digital and mobile technologies have rapidly emerged as an essential service to meet demand and  assist consumers. These digital tools enable self-service, communication, and online servicing to give financial institutions flexibility.


This session will be a panel discussing pain points financial institutions are facing as they work to meet consumer demand. Specifically, the conversation will focus on digital solutions and tactics to rapidly implement and meet ongoing pain points surrounding loan portfolio management.  


In this webinar, you can expect to learn about: 

  • Reasons  to expedite digital lending and communication options
  • Tactics to manage increased loan origination and refinancing due to low-interest rates
  • Digital solutions to adopt and implement to meet the increasing demand


Day 3: Anticipating Risk Challenges in 2020 and Beyond

Financial institutions have had to adapt in 2020 to ensure consumers and their organizations remain as protected as possible. Looking forward, it will be critical that financial institutions are anticipating their exposure and putting risk management protocols in place to be in the best position possible to monitor, mitigate, and manage their risk and recovery strategy.


This session will be a presentation tackling how financial institutions need to be proactively reviewing how they will be leveraging their data to optimize their recovery solutions. 


In this webinar, you can expect to learn about: 

  • How risk management changes in the face of a pandemic
  • Strategies to anticipate and prepare for risk vulnerabilities and exposure
  • Leveraging data to monitor risk
  • Mitigating losses with optimized recovery solutions 


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