Changing the Game of Total Loss Protection

 Changing the Game of Total Loss Protection

Date: January 22nd, 2020 (2-3PM EST)

Join the CEO of Depreciation Protection, Brian Allietta, and Stephanie Rambousek from Allied Solutions in a collaborative webinar environment to learn more about an alternative option to a total loss situation.

Engage in a thorough discussion of the total loss protection market, how Depreciation Protection complements your GAP sales, and how DPW will protect your members’ equity in the process.


What can I expect? 

  • Overview of the total loss protection market
  • Identifying the need for Depreciation Protection
  • Features and Benefits of Depreciation Protection


Questions to Consider:

  • What restrictions has your credit union seen with the changing state of GAP? 
  • Do you offer your members an alternative to GAP? 
  • How are you protecting your member’s vehicle equity?


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