How Catastrophes Change the Game: Industry Behaviors and Challenges in a Fluctuating Auto Market

How Catastrophes Change the Game Webinar

Date: April 23, 2019 (2-3PM EST)

Are catastrophes impacting total loss in a changing auto market?

Join our Auto Remarketing webinar with SubPrime Auto Finance News' Nick Zulovich & Allied’s Senior VP of Claims & Recovery, Anne Holtzman, as she breaks down what this means for lenders and the true impact of a fluctuating auto market. We’ll discuss how total loss disrupts GAP, product cancellation and other ancillary products, especially in the midst of catastrophic events. 

Read the blog recapping the webinar here.

Key takeaways attendees can expect from the webinar: 

  • How catastrophes impact your Total Loss and GAP claims
  • Tips for lenders to stay prepared and proactive
  • Industry practices and trends in the auto market, especially in response to catastrophes
  • What insurance companies don’t want you to know when it comes to Total Loss and GAP

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