Allied Solutions Streamlines its REPOPLUS & Track Product Suite


Four flexible tracking options offer comprehensive insurance tracking and recovery to full spectrum of lenders.

Four flexible tracking options offer comprehensive insurance tracking and recovery to 
full spectrum of lenders

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Carmel, IN, January 21, 2019 – Allied Solutions, LLC, one of the largest providers of insurance, lending, and marketing products to financial institutions in the U.S. for more than 35 years, announced today the restructuring of its claims and recovery product REPOPlus & Track. 

In addition to claims and recovery services provided with REPOPlus, four distinct insurance monitoring options are available, offering flexibility to lenders seeking a cost-effective, efficient insurance tracking solution. They include: Auto Match, Basic Track, Active Track, and Advanced Track. After years of offering REPOPlus as the leading insurance recovery service to lenders, Allied utilized this experience to develop value-added tracking options to maximize cost benefit. 

Each track offers a variety of support for electronic insurance notifications, loan files, paper insurance documents, and borrower communications. These options provide insurance monitoring and tracking support for a myriad of lenders, including small to large volume and prime to subprime markets. The combination of REPOPlus & Track with insurance monitoring options provides lenders a comprehensive loss and recovery and optimization program. Track solution options range from basic to full coverage of service monitoring.

“Allied Solutions recognizes that our clients have a diverse set of needs when it comes to their monitoring and optimization programs,” said Pete Hilger, CEO, Allied Solutions. “We have created a comprehensive solution that ensures lenders receive the information they need to best measure and asses risk, protect their collateral and ensure optimization of insurance recovery claims.”


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