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July 15, 2021 | Allied Solutions  


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How we work is changing. With more digital tools, video technology, and virtual environments, credit unions are experiencing change at a faster and faster pace. This is impacting how business is conducted as well as what members expect when it comes to service options. 

All of these changes bring a learning curve as credit unions strive to stay relevant. What is currently serving your members well today, does not necessarily mean it will in the future. By focusing on building and enhancing a culture of learning, credit unions are able to be adaptable and more nimble. A learning culture taps into what engages, motivates, and excites employees by empowering them to master new skills, that ultimately benefit the member experience.  

Current challenges that prevent credit unions from implementing a culture of learning include: 

• Being too business-focused rather than employee-focused
• Constraints around creating an environment that meets different types of learning styles
• Overcoming skepticism and cynicism in the value of training investments
• Finding and granting time to coach or attend employee training sessions


However, overcoming these challenges and taking steps to build a learning culture at your credit union can have great benefits that ultimately lead to expanded business opportunities. The following steps highlight important components to begin this journey:  

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