5 Most Downloaded Resources in 2019

Another year has come and gone (somehow!), and with it many changes to the financial industry. From regulatory updates to competition growth to new technology, our need to flex and adapt to meet the needs of an evolving market and consumer-base has never been truer. 

Allied Solutions’ experts generated resources with keen education and insights on ways to address these changes. Here are five pieces that were most popular this year:

1. Compliance Checklist for NCUA Fidelity Bond Rule Amendments Under Part 713

On October 22, 2019 the NCUA implemented rule changes under Part 713 for natural-person credit unions, which primarily amend board of director oversight and due diligence related to fidelity bonds.

Access this checklist to learn how credit unions should adapt to comply with the fidelity bond rule amendment.

Compliance Checklist


2. How to Talk Finance: How and Why Every Generation Spends Their Money

Personal loan, insurance and credit products have a staying power, but there is a need to remind consumers how these products can benefit them. In order to reach and connect with your audience, it is important to remain relevant and anticipate their needs. 

This white paper outlines differences between each generation’s needs and expectations, so that financial institutions can offer solutions targeted to each consumer’s stage of life – from Baby Boomers to Gen Z.

How to talk finance


3. Changing State of GAP 

The fluctuating state of the economy has continued to impact the auto industry as car prices increase and total loss claims rise in volume, frequency and severity. 

Read this report to learn more about industry trends and market conditions that impacted GAP claim activity in 2019. 

The changing state of GAP


4. Consumer-Focused Best Practices for Collateral Protection 

For financial institutions, avoiding risk completely may seem impossible. However, managing risk surrounding auto loans is definitely achievable with a well-developed collateral protection program.

In this white paper, learn key considerations for building and sustaining a collateral protection program that reduces risks while protecting relationships with new and existing borrowers.

Consumer-Focused Best Practices


5. What Happens After the Natural Catastrophe?

Natural disasters are not a new problem in the United States, but in recent years we have seen an increase in both impact and frequency. How are financial institutions impacted by these events? What happens in the weeks, months, or years after a natural disaster takes place?

Read this eBook to gain a more comprehensive understanding of common concerns related to natural disasters, including economic impact and preparedness strategies.

What happens after the natural catastrophe?


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