Track & Measure Goal Progress to Improve Sales Team Performance

Track and Measure Goal Progress

Produced By Julie ann Wessinger, National Director of Client Performance Strategies | September 20, 2019 

Setting, tracking and measuring goals with your employees will have significant impact on your sales team and broader organization. The key, however, is to collaborate with your team and come up with the goals together. Handing down goals without input can be a passion killer. According to a recent study, setting goals and creating a more engaged team can result in as much 59% less turnover, 21% greater profitability, 17% higher productivity and 10% higher customer ratings than disengaged teams.i

Goals create an environment of productivity by clearly identifying what your employees need to achieve over time. As employees become more productive, their sense of purpose and self-confidence is likely to increase, which can result in happier, more engaged employees.

“You can’t manage what you don’t measure, and you can’t improve what you don’t manage.”ii

The ability to track and measure the progress of employees’ goals is quintessential to the success of your organization – 

If an employee’s goal isn’t benchmarked and tracked, how can you/they know if it has in fact been achieved or not? And if you don’t know if an employee’s goal was achieved or not, how can you resolve unmet goals or create new goals that continue to challenge and motivate your employees?

Properly set and managed goals can result in more methodical actions and decisions, sustained focus and momentum, and increased productivity across your team. Moreover, offering a solution for employees to record and track their goals can lead to 33% higher goal achievement.iii

10 Tips for Supporting Employees Goals

Using performance tracking software is one of the most effective ways to record, track and measure sales goals. These tools offer the ability to establish objective, quantifiable benchmarks, so that goal progress can be easily viewed and analyzed at any given time.

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The best goal tracking tools also offer the following features:

  • Options to view and compare progress at the organizational, branch, and individual employee level
  • Convenient access to real-time data at all levels of your organization
  • Various types of sales and performance data, such as referrals, product penetration and individual sales
  • The ability for managers and sales staff to view their goals and results

When leveraged properly, goal tracking data can help you uncover your team members’ strengths and weaknesses These data insights will allow you to provide timely coaching to capitalize on each individual’s areas of strength and improve upon areas of weakness so every member of your team is maximizing their full performance potential. 

Allied Solutions recognizes the need to have an easy, reliable tool for setting, tracking and analyzing sales goals. That is why we created performance tracking software for financial institutions.

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