Allied's VP of Marketing Shares Her Expert Opinion About Omnichannel Strategies

Omnichannel marketing and member service 

July 2019 CU Management Magazine Feature Article: 8 Omnichannel 'Untruths' | Interview with Allied Solutions' VP of Marketing & Communications & Other Industry Experts

Meeting members' evolving expectations and needs cannot be done without exploring new communication channels. 

"There continues to be a need for CUs to explore new communication channels to get ahead of member expectations and adapt to evolving needs," notes Amy Hearn, Vice President of Marketing & Communications with Allied Solutions. “There are countless directions a credit union can take based on its members’ needs, and this can make omnichannel complicated — and these complications can be enough to dissuade even the most optimistic credit unions. But the worst thing a CU can do is to nothing... To be forward-thinking and contemplate the future state of your organization, you have to be willing to try new things."

Read the CU Management Magazine Feature Article to hear what else Hearn and other industry experts have to say about building a successful omnichannel strategy.


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