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Data breaches. Card fraud. Phishing scams. These and other security threats continue to grow more prevalent and sophisticated by the day – and we want to help. And we know we can help! 

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Save up to 40% a year on bond while defending against major fraud & security threats

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Trying to simultaneously grow and protect your financial institution and account holders is not an easy feat, especially while juggling competing priorities, strategies, and day-to-day tasks.

We are exceedingly dedicated to protecting each and every one of our clients, and as such we’ve helped financial institutions across the nation save millions of dollars over the past 20+ years. Our specialized insurance solutions and services help our clients grow their business and more effectively manage risk.

We are proud leaders of stability and growth in the financial industry.

Our risk products and services are built to protect your business’s bottom line and build trust with your consumers. 

Not only that, our clients have seen an average annual savings of 30% in coverage premiums. 


Education and Advocacy

Through the following proactive efforts, we aim to continually address our industry’s most pressing risk concerns:

  • Advocating for protection and relief, in association with notable industry partners, such as NAFCU and AFSA

  • Hiring industry recognized fraud and risk experts
  • Performing on-site, deep dive risk assessments
  • Delivering free webinars and in person seminars
  • Distributing regular educational content on top-of-mind fraud and security threats
  • Building customized product pricing and packaging for each client
  • Collaborating with industry-recognized insurance carriers like ProSight Specialty Insurance
  • Maintaining relationships with payment and processing vendors that diligently work to monitor and mitigate risks facing the industry


Watch: Joette Colletts joins CU Broadcast to discuss increasing ATM attacks in 2022



Let us be your voice in the scary world of fraud – and – together, we will manage risk.

Fraud & Risk Roundtables

What keeps you up at night?

Our fraud and risk roundtables are attendee driven, unscripted discussions centered on mitigating your potential fraud exposure - helping everyone get a better night's sleep! 

Hosted at a financial institution near you and moderated by an Allied Solutions Bond expert, these roundtables luncheons provide you with an opportunity to network and connect with peers while hearing what is top of mind among industry experts fighting fraud and mitigating risk. 

To inquire about hosting or attending a fraud roundtable near you, contact us here.


Bond Solutions

Allied Solutions is NAFCU Services’ Preferred Partner for Bond. Our bond programs and risk protection solutions include:

  • Fidelity Bond (including Plastic Card Fraud Coverage)
  • Cyber Liability Insurance
  • Management & Professional Liability Insurance
  • Property & Casualty Insurance
  • Identity Theft Protection
  • Data Breach Protection
  • ATM and Debit Card Processing

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NAFCU Services' Preferred Partner

Year after year, Allied is proud to maintain status as one of NAFCU Services' Preferred Partner for Fraud & Security Risk Solutions.


About Allied

Specialized Care for Credit Unions

For over 20 years, Allied Solutions has been selling and underwriting customizable solutions to keep credit unions protected from unexpected risks. Allied is now the industry's largest independent producer of bond and insurance business with more than 1,000 clients nationwide and a staff that has exceptional technical experience and know-how. It is this commitment and expertise that has helped Allied save our clients millions in insurance premiums as we work to safeguard their business.


Fidelity Bond

Select policies that help protect your organization from the financial burden and reputation damage that could arise as a result of criminal acts.

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Management and Professional Liability Insurance

Insure your financial institution and employee assets.

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Property and Casualty Insurance

Protect your financial institution's facilities and resources.

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Fraud & Risk Resources

Let Let


Let's Talk Fraud Webinar Series

A webinar series presented by experts in risk management at Allied Solutions.

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Fraud & Risk Resources

Receive expert insights on today's biggest fraud and security risks.

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Our Bond Experts

Joette Colletts

Joette Colletts

Regional Vice President, Bond Division

Mark Chapman

Mark Chapman

Regional Vice President, Bond Division

Ann Davidson

Ann Davidson

Vice President, Risk Consulting

Patrick Touhey

Patrick Touhey

Senior Vice President, Bond Division

Brandon Bottomley

Brandon Bottomley

Regional Vice President, Bond Division